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Friday, February 25, 2005

My Laurie

I'm sitting here in the office where Laurie works, listening to Laurie's bird-like voice in the next cubicle. Last night I came down here and a friend of hers said, "Why don't you go back with Laurie?" I said, "I never really left." I'd been telling her I'd known Laurie for 14 years, and lived with Laurie at least 5 years.

The radio is playing, "She's some kind of wonderful! Yes she is!" So, today, Laurie called me at home about an hour and a half ago. She said she was going to a movie dubbing tonight and invited me to come. She told me to come over to her office. So the whole way down here on the bus I was very, very happy thinking about the relationship between me and her.

A few minutes ago she came in and I grabbed her around the butt and rocked her back and forth. Laurie is still very beautiful, and she has enormous breasts. She's appeared in Playboy and was a Penthouse Pet. I'm so in love with Laurie today I'm overflowing with happiness. "My cup runneth over." "Reach out your hand/If your cup be empty/If your cup is full/May it be again."--Robert Hunter.

I'm going through this process of healing from all the emotional damage this whole episode with the board-and-care home has caused, and I'm doing it! I'm beginning to heal from all the stress! I'm starting to be happy all the time. I told Laurie's friend last night, "When I was living with Laurie I used to lie in bed each night and say to her, 'I'm happier today than I was yesterday!'" I'm starting to get back that fullness of joy that I used to experience before all this happened. And she was the catalyst. And I'm with her now. Oh joy!

Love is a wonderful thing. As Bob Dylan said, "It can cure the soul/It can make you whole/True love brings such harmony." I really do love Laurie, and she always tells me that she loves me. Love is the meaning or purpose of life--the reproduction and continuation of the species. I was hoping for years that Laurie and I would have kids. It wasn't meant to be, but maybe someday we could adopt some or will have some. I can dream. But I am a happy with her alone--it gives us more time for each other.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thursday, what's it rhyme with?

Well, I got the job but I had to quit. Couldn't keep up on those steep hills with the medical condition in my legs. Too bad, it was something I believed in and it paid $14-20/hr. Well, I'll get another one. So I'm back to my job searching routine--all day every day emailing out resumes.

Today I came down to Laurie's office and I've already sent out resumes for the last 3 days. Also, Brentwood Manor moved me to another room than Carl's, with a new roommate, Mark Blair. He's a lawyer and works in his father's office on Beverly and Wilshire. Quite an interesting guy.

Gotta close this out--Laurie's getting ready to leave.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tuesday News

Well, I might not be posting here for awhile. I passed the job interview at California League of Conservation Voters today. I go in tomorrow for observation, and if I like it and they like me I start the next day. It pays $10/hr. plus commission. Most make $14-$20/hr. The title is Enviromental Activist. I'm doing something I believe in.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday, Monday

Well, today was a good day. Went to exercise class this morning. Not much else happened. Jordan Romney wrote me an email thanking me for mine and my encouragement and said he might be able to find web design work for me. Big job interview tomorrow.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday, The One Day

Back in the good ol UCLA library. Watched the Super Bowl, or as Babbs says on skypilotclub today, the Stupor Bowl, with the great half-time entertainment by Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame. Paul sang Drive My Car, Get Back, Live and Let Die, and wound up with Hey Jude. During Hey Jude he encouraged the audience to sing along with the chorus, and said, "Let me hear the whole world singing!" And when he sang, "Don't carry the world upon your shoulders" he emphasized the word "world". Pretty impressive; he could save the world. He had a four-sided stage that you could see from every side. And great fireworks, flames, and light show. I think Willie Nelson was in a commercial, too. H & R Block, and I think he had tax problems once.

Yesterday night I did volunteer work at Laurie's office. I'm writing an article for their newletter called "Expose of Board-and-Care Homes". Let's try out the color lettering: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Babbs put a picture of Chinese Communist revolutionaries marching with a picture of him and a Sky Pilot flag on top of Kind of jogs my mind because I've been reading the Revolutionary Communist Party literature the students hand out here on the UCLA campus and also there are lots of Chinese students here. But Babbs couldn't know anything about what I'm doing--it must be a trend in society, or a coincidence.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday, ahoy!

I'm thinking of a different job. I'll probably call this one, but I foresee problems. I just realized, about these other jobs, that they might be door-to-door, in which case I'll think twice. I was thinking they were raising donations on the phone. One's for California League of Conservation Voters, one's to put the Democrats back in control of the Senate in 2006, and the other one is Santa Monica rent control. The first 2 pay $10-20/hr. and the last $14-24. I'll have to see. I'll call them Monday.

There's also a job I got an interview for for a "Best Of" section of a TV show called "Here and Now". This month it's best restaurants; next it's best nightclubs. You try to get them to sign a contract. The ad claims you can make $2K-$5K per week. Maybe I will go for the Majital Solutions LLC/Savitron job after all--my feet are hurting!

Cubensis isn't playing this Sunday, so maybe I'll volunteer at Laurie's office and send out resumes on their computers. Apple just introduced a smaller "shuffle" iPod, so maybe it didn't fly. I haven's seen one in public. The only one I've seen is my nephew's, and that was mounted on a speaker stand. I became interested when Robert Hunter, the Dead's lyricist, said in his journal that the Dead had signed a deal with iTunes to sell their music over the Internet. But then he said, as a sarcastic "solution" to some world problem, "stick an iPod in your ear". Is Apple going to be in trouble if they can't sell the iPod? Steve Jobs has probably already thought of that. I heard on the radio today that Apple is currently the most-recognized brand in the world.

What else to write about? Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday--might as well watch that since the Cube isn't playing. Then Monday call all these jobs. I'm sitting in the UCLA Library, and I'm gonna email out more resumes. I'm getting a response!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thursdays's Word

Well, I don't know yet if I'm going to take this job or not. For one thing, the closest offices are in Irvine and Fremont, and I'm not sure how to get the travel money. Secondly, there are 2 websites, majital & savitron, and the savitron website is 2004, a year later, and has about half the products to sell. So I think that the company didn't do as well as they hoped in the 2003 website. I may do it, tho.

Some other reasons are that I returned a call from another tech sales job, for Anaya Telecom, and he told me that his sales job was "real grunt work" and that "most sales people start and then quit right away" and that "I wouldn't want you to work here for 6 months and then find out that you haven't gotten anywhere". But I'm staying optimistic that I'll land a good job.

Went to Cubensis shows both Sunday and Monday nights; Monday at the House of Blues in West Hollywood with Highway 61 Revisited, Joel's band. Smoked a lot of pot and drank beer both nights and came to the conclusion: "Drugs are the answer!" If I do take this job, hope I can make enough money to go to the Phil Lesh and Friends show March 12 at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

That used to be named San Francisco Civic Auditorium--across the street from City Hall, where my mother used to work. We'll take over more some day. We shall overcome, someday!

Thursdays's Word

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I just got a new job!

I'm doing Tech Sales for Majithal LLC. Electronic. Printed circuit boards, transformers, power supplies, cases, and software. EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL. And the boss, Nick Tehrani, says "you can make a lot of money."