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Friday, February 25, 2005

My Laurie

I'm sitting here in the office where Laurie works, listening to Laurie's bird-like voice in the next cubicle. Last night I came down here and a friend of hers said, "Why don't you go back with Laurie?" I said, "I never really left." I'd been telling her I'd known Laurie for 14 years, and lived with Laurie at least 5 years.

The radio is playing, "She's some kind of wonderful! Yes she is!" So, today, Laurie called me at home about an hour and a half ago. She said she was going to a movie dubbing tonight and invited me to come. She told me to come over to her office. So the whole way down here on the bus I was very, very happy thinking about the relationship between me and her.

A few minutes ago she came in and I grabbed her around the butt and rocked her back and forth. Laurie is still very beautiful, and she has enormous breasts. She's appeared in Playboy and was a Penthouse Pet. I'm so in love with Laurie today I'm overflowing with happiness. "My cup runneth over." "Reach out your hand/If your cup be empty/If your cup is full/May it be again."--Robert Hunter.

I'm going through this process of healing from all the emotional damage this whole episode with the board-and-care home has caused, and I'm doing it! I'm beginning to heal from all the stress! I'm starting to be happy all the time. I told Laurie's friend last night, "When I was living with Laurie I used to lie in bed each night and say to her, 'I'm happier today than I was yesterday!'" I'm starting to get back that fullness of joy that I used to experience before all this happened. And she was the catalyst. And I'm with her now. Oh joy!

Love is a wonderful thing. As Bob Dylan said, "It can cure the soul/It can make you whole/True love brings such harmony." I really do love Laurie, and she always tells me that she loves me. Love is the meaning or purpose of life--the reproduction and continuation of the species. I was hoping for years that Laurie and I would have kids. It wasn't meant to be, but maybe someday we could adopt some or will have some. I can dream. But I am a happy with her alone--it gives us more time for each other.


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