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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday, ahoy!

I'm thinking of a different job. I'll probably call this one, but I foresee problems. I just realized, about these other jobs, that they might be door-to-door, in which case I'll think twice. I was thinking they were raising donations on the phone. One's for California League of Conservation Voters, one's to put the Democrats back in control of the Senate in 2006, and the other one is Santa Monica rent control. The first 2 pay $10-20/hr. and the last $14-24. I'll have to see. I'll call them Monday.

There's also a job I got an interview for for a "Best Of" section of a TV show called "Here and Now". This month it's best restaurants; next it's best nightclubs. You try to get them to sign a contract. The ad claims you can make $2K-$5K per week. Maybe I will go for the Majital Solutions LLC/Savitron job after all--my feet are hurting!

Cubensis isn't playing this Sunday, so maybe I'll volunteer at Laurie's office and send out resumes on their computers. Apple just introduced a smaller "shuffle" iPod, so maybe it didn't fly. I haven's seen one in public. The only one I've seen is my nephew's, and that was mounted on a speaker stand. I became interested when Robert Hunter, the Dead's lyricist, said in his journal that the Dead had signed a deal with iTunes to sell their music over the Internet. But then he said, as a sarcastic "solution" to some world problem, "stick an iPod in your ear". Is Apple going to be in trouble if they can't sell the iPod? Steve Jobs has probably already thought of that. I heard on the radio today that Apple is currently the most-recognized brand in the world.

What else to write about? Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday--might as well watch that since the Cube isn't playing. Then Monday call all these jobs. I'm sitting in the UCLA Library, and I'm gonna email out more resumes. I'm getting a response!


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