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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday, The One Day

Back in the good ol UCLA library. Watched the Super Bowl, or as Babbs says on skypilotclub today, the Stupor Bowl, with the great half-time entertainment by Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame. Paul sang Drive My Car, Get Back, Live and Let Die, and wound up with Hey Jude. During Hey Jude he encouraged the audience to sing along with the chorus, and said, "Let me hear the whole world singing!" And when he sang, "Don't carry the world upon your shoulders" he emphasized the word "world". Pretty impressive; he could save the world. He had a four-sided stage that you could see from every side. And great fireworks, flames, and light show. I think Willie Nelson was in a commercial, too. H & R Block, and I think he had tax problems once.

Yesterday night I did volunteer work at Laurie's office. I'm writing an article for their newletter called "Expose of Board-and-Care Homes". Let's try out the color lettering: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Babbs put a picture of Chinese Communist revolutionaries marching with a picture of him and a Sky Pilot flag on top of Kind of jogs my mind because I've been reading the Revolutionary Communist Party literature the students hand out here on the UCLA campus and also there are lots of Chinese students here. But Babbs couldn't know anything about what I'm doing--it must be a trend in society, or a coincidence.


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